Proctor Family


The Proctor Family came to Grand Lake in 1887.  Two boys of the family come in 1875, and had spent that summer with Judge Wescott, hunting and fishing.  These two were Alex Phimister and George.  The Proctors spent each summer and one winter from 1877 to 1885 at Grand Lake.

All of the children have become successful men and women.

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Alexander Phimister  Born 1822

Tirzah (Smith) Born 1832



Alex Phimister Born September 27, 1860 in Ontario, Canada, Died September 5, 1950 in Palo Alto, CA .  Married Margaret Daisy (Mody) Gerow on September 27, 1893.  1875-1942

Hester Elizabeth 1897-1983

Alden Alexander 1900-1992

Phimister B 1902-1975

Mary Onahotema (Nona)  1907-2000.  Married Campbell Lenoir Church

Billy Jean

Campbell Scott

Peggy Ann

Phimister (Sandy)

Jean T 1908-1988

William Strong 1909-1984

Clifford Macgregor 1912-2006

Margaret Joanne 1919-1994