GLAHS Membership

We would like to invite you to become a member of the Grand Lake Area Historical Society. With your help, the efforts to preserve and protect Grand Lake area’s heritage will continue to move steadily forward. Here are just a few examples:

– We operate the Kauffman House Museum every day during the summer season and weekends in September with special open houses during the winter.
– The Kauffman House Museum is opened for school tour groups during the school year by appointment.

– We operate the Cottage Court Museum every day during the summer season and weekends in September.
– At our annual membership meeting we provide programs on Grand Lake history.
– Special exhibits are prepared throughout the year. If you have a collection you would be willing to display, please contact us.

Of course, the most important benefit of Grand Lake Area Historical Society membership is the special feeling of satisfaction you’ll derive from helping to preserve, for future generations, the priceless symbols of Grand Lake’s past.

Our 100% volunteer not for profit organization is supported by our membership and generous donations. We hope you will become a member today and join in the fun.

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New or Renewal Memberships by Mail
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Why Become A GLAHS Member
Grand Lake has played an important part in the history of Grand County. Due to the fact that the town’s economy has been, from the start, chiefly tourism, there has been a great turnover in the ownership of businesses and residences in the town. Consequently, many historic buildings and sites have either been destroyed or changed beyond recognition.

In order to preserve some remnants of the past, the Grand Lake Area Historical Society was formed in 1973 with its primary objective the preservation and restoration of the Kauffman House. Some of the other objectives of the Society include: to understand the history of our Grand Lake community; to discover and collect material which may help establish or illustrate the history of the area; and to preserve materials and provide for their accessibility to all who wish to examine or study them.

Volunteer docents from the community gladly share their knowledge of the Kauffman House, the objects in the attached museum, the Cottage Court Museum and the Grand Lake area to the thousands of visitors who come to the facility yearly.

Over the succeeding years, financial support for the Society and its work has been obtained through grants, donations and the payment of dues. Many memorial funds have also been established for this purpose. Items from the 1890s used in Colorado are particularly welcome as additions to our collection.
(from The Kauffman House booklet, 1997)

The Grand Lake Area Historical Society operates with an eleven member board of directors with a three year term, five members elected each year. The president is elected at the annual meeting held the second Wednesday of July. Board members meet the second Wednesday of each month to conduct the business of the society and elect the vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The past-president is also a member of the board. Committee chairmen are appointed by the president.