Ish Family


John Lapsley Ish, Alice, Leslie & Guy

John Lapsley and his wife, Alice, came to Grand Lake in the early 1900’s.  He spent some time in Teller City before he was married.  After he and Alice married, they lived in Rand and Granby before settling in Grand Lake. 




John Lapsley Ish  born Feb. 11, 1863 in Missouri, died Jan 4, 1943; Married 1885

Alice Victoria Shearer Ish born Dec. 25, 1868, died June 20, 1951

Leslie John Ish born April 28, 1887, died Oct. 9, 1931;  married Goldie I Thomas, born Nov 13, 1893, died May 11, 1974

Guy Lapsley Ish Born Oct 5, 1893, died Nov. 14, 1917