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We love to hear other people’s stories about their history with Grand Lake, Colorado. Send us your stories and we will publish them here on this page. Fill out the form under “Leave a Reply” to submit your story. Use the comment box to tell your story. Your name and email are required to post your story. Your submission will be reviewed by GLAHS, and upon approval, it will be available for the public to see. This is a fun way to keep a collection of everyone’s stories about their time in Grand Lake. Share your story today!

12 thoughts on “Your Grand Lake Stories

  1. Alice Murphy says:

    In the 1906 Boulder directory, my great grandfather, Thomas S Waltemeyer, was noted as President of the Monarch Consolidated Gold and Copper MiningCo, M and S Co, Rocky Mountain RR Co and Colorado Consolidated Lumber Co with business office in Boulder at 1932 13th. Can you tell me anything about his role in these companies. I know that by 1918 he moved to Seattle, WA to help his widowed daughter manage the Seattle Baking Co and lived there the rest of his life. Thank you, Alice Murphy

  2. Stacy Wescott Latter says:

    I have been starting more research on my family of which I know was the founding fathers of Grand Lake! Would love to be around for these celebrations (along with my bro and sis) Please send us more info! My grandparents were Gerald and ClaraWescott and my Loren and Charlotte Wescott were my parents! I am a cousin of great distance to Joseph Wescott.

  3. Cathy Johnston says:

    A trip to Grand Lake every August was my Mom’s idea of the perfect vacation. She INSISTED on staying at Sptizmiller’s Cabins, and I imagine that over the years, we stayed in each and every cabin in the complex. The best thing about Grand Lake back then (we’re talking the 50’s and 60’s) was that it was still a small town with not a lot of people around, so my parents pretty much turned us loose and we (my Brother, Sister and I) played in the park and down at the lake. Now, I don’t remember the names of the streets any more, but in one section of Spitzmiller’s, where the individual cabins were, there was a big granite rock and my Brother and I played “King of the Hill” every summer on that rock. The things I remember BEST about Spitzmillers are…the heating elements that hung on the walls, the faux wood painted tin headboards (circa WWII I think), and the rusty, squeeky springs on the OH so comfortable beds. I can remember my Mom putting milk in the window “coolers” and finding it frozen the next morning. My parents would always get up real early in the morning and head to the beaver ponds so my Mom could fish. All I ever wanted to do was to go horseback riding…and Sombrero Stables got a good chunk of money over the years from my parents. There were always concerts or plays that were put on in the park, and the kids always spend plenty of time spinning each other around on the merry-go-round (for lack of a better description), that we always whacked our shins on. And, the rumble of the wood charter boats on the lake every summer evening…as they cruised around Grand Lake and Shadow Mtn.

    I miss those simpler days…a sure sign that I’ve gotten older. Sometimes….I want to go back to Grand Lake…but maybe it’s better in my memory…someplace of a different age and time.

    • jamie howard says:

      i expect i saw you and your brother knocking each other off that rock. i lived in the house directly across Garfield street on the opposite side of the cabins. i was 6 years old in 1960. j.

      • Cathy Johnston says:

        I was amazed when I returned there…and saw how small that rock really is. 🙂 We thought it was HUGE!!!! It truly felt like we had climbed to the top of a mountain when we played on it.

      • Jerry Albers says:

        Jamie Howard. You and I went to school together in Grand Lake. I lived there from 1959 to 1964 in the house across Main street from the Park Lumber Co.

        Those were good days and a great way for a kid to grow up

  4. Theresa Evan says:

    I have been doing family research and found out that my Great Grandfather built the spider house, I have been looking for more family members, If you have any information please e-mail


  5. Theresa Evan says:

    I just found out that my Grandmother Helen Gregg (Osborn) was married to Alonzo Osborn and that Mom’s Syble Sue (Osborn) Tellier she was the youngest child and grew up in Grand Lake. I was so surprise all these years I never knew now I just need to keep on trying to find more of my family members I am so excited, now I have to make the trip to grand lake Colorado and see the land that I never knew.

  6. Keri Beard says:

    My grandparents lived in Grand Lake during the late 1940s. My grandpa worked for the Bureau of Reclamation. I had heard my grandma talk about a dreadful place where the snow drifted over the windows in winter. Imagine my surprise when I first laid eyes on this paradise and realized it was the same place my grandma loathed. Then again life would have been hard up there back then, with a new baby and cut off from family in the wintertime.

  7. Carolyn Smith says:

    Recently I discovered that my great great Uncle William Longfellow Mason, his wife Juliett Chamberlain and their daughter Elizabeth Ethel Mason (called Bessie in Grand Lake) lived in Grand Lake and built a cabin at the turn of the century. I have been a lot of pictures of this family and their home in Grand Lake. Other pictures document the history of the area and our whole family is thrilled to see pictures of our ancestors. I have been told the original pictures are in some historic venue in Grand Lake. William and my great great grandfather Timothy Mason are brothers. I have done a lot of research on my family and to find pictures of that generation is just such a great find. I would like to see the album one day of the originals and visit Grand Lake. I lived in Colorado in the 1957 -58 time frame and visited Grand Lake. Little did I know that my mothers ancestors were there in the early 1900’s. So I plan on traveling to the area to see some of the history.

  8. tom barry says:

    I am looking for any information on the Harrington family that owned a large home on grand lake in the late 30s and early 40s. My father’s friend was Martin Harrington Jr. He graduated Yale with a law degree and became a prominent attorney in Denver in the 50s and 60s. I believe according to my father, Martin was a commodore of the yacht club for a few years and he and my father crewed a Star class sloop in the regattas and won the Lipton cup more than one time.
    I an also looking for info on the Humphries Drug Store. Jeanette Humphries was also a friend of my father.

    Thank you

    tom barry arvada, co.

  9. Tonya says:

    I had a cousin who spent many years in Grand Lake…. Her name was Marlene Collins Aldrich. I would love to hear from folks that knew her. Her mom and my grandmother would take roadtrips from New York State to Colorado together to visit.

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