Young Family


John Baker – 1870 brought his widowed daughter

Mary Jane Young – married Jacob Young Sr. a sea captain who lost his life at sea and 2 adult children from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jennie – Daughter

Christian Fredric Young, Son born 1861, died 1905, married in 1888 Josephine Kalsay Young Langley  born     died 1952

Josie married Lord Harry Langley in 1906.  Marriage lasted 5 years

Mary Vesta Young, daughter born 1889, died 1904

Henry Jacob Young III, son born 1892 or 1893, died 1947 or 1949, married 1922 Nellie Jo Donathan

Raymond Jacob Young, son  born 1924, died 1947

Nellie Jo Young, daughter  married King

Jennie Ruth Young, daughter born 1893, died 1949, married Bert Goodman in 1914

Mary Jo and Jennie Ruth (twins)



Christian (Chrissie) Fredrick Young Jr., Son  born 1895 died 1965