McLaren Family


Fred and his three sons served a combined total of 150 years with the National Park Service.   In 1988 a National Park building in Estes Park was named McLaren Hall and dedicated to honor the McLaren family.  The building, constructed around 1930, had been used as a ranger dormitory and mess hall, training and conference center, research office Park museum and post office.  The McLarens made a difference to the National Park Service family while they were serving, but will also have an impact for generations to come.  Their careers serve as models.  They thought of the NPS first and themselves second.


Doug, Fred, Dick, Bert

Fred D. McLaren, Sr. born  February 5, 1892 died March 19, 1992

First Wife – married  August 3, 1919 Martha Iva Montgomery born March 18, 1892, died February 9,1966

Second Wife – married 1968 Ruth Kauffman Meyers


Dick, JoAnne, Doug, Phyllis, Dorothy, Bert

Fred Douglas, Jr. (Doug) born October 19, 1923 died May 2, 2004

married Alice Pauline “Polly” McLean who had 2 daughters from a previous marriage, Sharon and Sandra

Doug adopted the girls and they had a son Brian

Richard C. born 1921 died  January 23, 1991

Elbert A. born November 29, 1929 died November 2,  2001


Dorothy  born May 3, 1920 died June 20, 1997 married Ed Howard, Jr 

JoAnne married James Warner born 1927

Phyllis married Johnson died 1973