Johnston Family


Hibbard Miner was born 1824 and  married 1852 Elizabeth Laysuer born 1829

Their Children:



Susan Johnston born 1859, died 1944.  Married in 1878 to Thomas Henry Johnston born 1849, died 1914

They moved to Grand Lake in 1881.

Their children:

Robert Emmet (Rob) born 1880

Tom Jr. by first wife

Second wife Helen no children

Willard Born 1881

Jim Born  1889, dies in 1920 in accidental shooting

Johnnie born 1892

Mary Hunter born 1898, died 10 months later

Marjorie born 1896, married Murdock who dies in 1918 flue


In 1922 married Albert B Penney died 1930s



Lucy married Rob Throckmorton

Laura married Judge Jake Pettingell

Alta died of diphtheria