(from Grand Lake in the Olden Days by Mary Lyons Cairns)

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The mining boom of the late seventies and early eighties caused four leading hotels to be built at Grand Lake:

Grand Lake House

Fairview Hotel
Garrison – Granview Hotel
Grand Central Hotel

The second generation of hotels were:

Kauffman House Hotel

Nowata Hotel
Bellevue Hotel
Rustic Hotel

After Rocky Mountain National Park was established in 1915 and Fall River Road was completed in 1920, more hotels were built in Grand Lake:

Grand Lake Lodge

Rapids Hotel
Wiswall Tavern
Zick’s Hotel and Cafe

Throughout the years cottages were a popular summer home or vacation spot.

With more automobiles in use and people visiting the park and Grand Lake, cottage camps and motels became popular.   (History of local cabins and motels coming soon)