Gregg Family


The Gregg family was originally from Indiana.  In 1888 Warren left Indiana with Mary his wife.  One little boy was born enroute in the covered wagon in Stillwater 1888.  Youngest baby died and is buried there.  Older son Ray came to live with them and two more children were born.  They moved to Grand Lake for school for Ray and Lloyd.  They then moved to Hot Sulphur Springs for school in 1895 and three children died.  They moved back to the ranch and raised cattle.  In 1900 they bought property on the west side of Grand Lake from Judge Wescott.  In 1900 they built their new home, the Spider House.  Several more children were born.  In 1904 Mary shot and killed four of the children and herself.  Little Ralph, the 3 year old was reading to the three  children, Alex, Harold and Josie.  Only Lloyd was spared out the the nine children Mary had born.  Lloyd had gone to Sunday school and went home with Judge Wescott and had dinner with him.  


Warren E. or C (Watt) Gregg born 1851

Married in Indiana young wife died of fever in late 1870s

Son:  Raymond P. Gregg born 1876 was raised in Wisconsin with grandparents died 1953

Married Susan D (Fisher) Gregg born 1869 died 1933

Seven children – five girls and two boys

Helen Osborn, Mary Snowden, Louise Baer, I.P. Gregg

Married Martha

Married Mary O’Brien in 1884 in Indiana  born 1864 died 1905  She is buried with Jose, Ralph, Harold and Alex

Clifford Corwin born 1884 died 

Lloyd Earnest Gregg  born 1887 died 1962

Married 1917 Amanda O (Lyden) Gregg born 1877 died 1956

Archie Warren Gregg born 1889

Homestead, cabin neighbors of Henry Lehmans 3 miles away

Adelbert Norval Gregg born 1892

John Erwin Gregg born 1893

Warren Carmon Gregg born 1894

Josie Marie Gregg born 1898