Holzwarth Family



John Holzwarth came to the United States from Germany in 1878 at the age of 14.  He came to Grand County in 1917 from Denver and homesteaded land north of Grand Lake where he developed a guest ranch that operated from 1920 to 1974 when it became part of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is now the Holzwarth Historic Site and is open to visitors during the summer months as an example of the early guest ranches in the valley.

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John Gottlieb Holzwarth  (Papa)  born 1865, married 1894, died 1932

Sophie Lebfromm (Mama) born 1870, died 1954

Christina born July, 1895, died December, 1895

Julia Katherine born 1896, died 1967 of cancer

Maria born 1898, died 1919 scarlet fever

Sophia Katherine born 1900, married Andrew Geeck 1918, died 1971

Avalon born May 19, 1923, died May 19, 2015

Charline born June 15, 1926, died March 15, 2018

John, Jr. born 1902, married Caroline Pratt 1931, died 1983

John III born 1933, married Mary Blythe 1954, died 2017

Virginia born 1935, died 1953 cancer

Frances (Fran) born 1945, married William Needham 1969