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We have developed some lesson plans for the 4th Grade level of students. There are three 40-60 minute sessions. Below is a summary of the goals. Click here to Download the Lesson Plan with 3 Sessions and Note Sheet.

The Focus: Students examine and interpret photographs of the early days of a mountain resort community to identify characteristics of the lifestyles of the times, and how its tourist economy appeared then.

Standards Assessed:
History Standard 2:  Students know how to use the processes and resources of historical inquiry.
Expectations:  Gather historical data from photographs, use available technology to obtain historical information, identify, analyze, and make generalizations about life in Colorado history using primary sources.

Reading and Writing Standard 5:  Students read to locate, select, and make use of relevant information from a variety of media, reference, and technological sources.
Expectations:  Take notes, outline, and identify main ideas in resource materials, sort information as it relates to a specific topic or purpose.

Standards Addressed:
Geography Standard 2.3:  Students know how culture and experience influence peopleís perceptions of places and regions.
Expectation:  Identify characteristics of the lifestyles of peoples who live in particular regions.

Geography Standard 4.2:  Students know the nature and spatial distribution of cultural patterns.
Expectation:  Understand a greater number of the elements of culture, and how many of them are shaped by the geography of the region where people live (recreation, etc.)

Geography Standard 4.3:  Students know the patterns and networks of economic interdependence.
Expectations:  Identify major economic activities in Colorado.

Reading and Writing Standard 2:  Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Expectations:  Generate topics and develop ideas for a variety of writing purposes, organize their writing, choose vocabulary that communicates their message clearly and precisely, create readable documents.

Assessment:  Students take notes, and then write a letter home describing their visit to Grand Lake at the turn of the century.  They must include references to what life is like at the time, and to various activities available in the area.  Look for examples and details supporting main ideas in the finished letter.

Materials/Teacher Preparation

  • Computers with internet access to bookmarked site
  • Examples of modern-day family vacation photo albums or loose photos, either teacher-provided or brought to school by students, and/or a vacation-theme book such as Margaretís Magnificent Colorado Adventure, Julie Danneberg, Westcliffe Publishers.
  • Landform map(s) of Colorado.
  • Writing supplies with letter form model, if needed.
  • Supplies for note-taking, copies of Two-Column Note Sheet if desired.

Click here to Download the Complete Lesson Plan with 3 Sessions and Note Sheet.