Fees for Services

Grand Lake Area Historical Society


Amended April 10, 2013


Research – first phone call/first 15 minutes free. Thereafter members will be charged $25/hr. Non-members will be charged $40/hour. Office staff will need to keep a journal with requests, amount of time spent very carefully recorded, and monies paid. Staff needs to indicate the policy when first contacted; “How much are you thinking of spending?”; get a deposit via credit card of one hours’ fee, or one-half of the estimated time needed if more than an hour; obtain the credit card information and charge the person immediately; return any deposit money not needed, and add additional credit card charges when more time is used, notifying the person before using the additional time and making the additional charge.  *Note: time spent making photocopies and reprinting photographs could well be included in research charges, with additional charges as below.


Photocopies – black & white 10 cents a page, with additional shipping and handling (if fits in #10 envelope, 50¢ – larger $2.50): color page, $1.50 per, with same shipping and handling.

Photograph Reprints –   8×10 B&W $12, 5×7 or smaller $8, CD $5.00, DVD $5.00.

Mailing Books – shipping and handling $5.00 (book rate)

Commercial Use of Photographs – must be credited to GLAHS, must have or purchase a Business Membership. For Non-Profits, $25 per photo use, For-Profits, $50 per photo use. If photo is used to market GLAHS, free.


Kauffman House Rent for Private Parties – $50/ hr (includes docents on site, renter providing all food & drink plus complete and approved clean-up). Renter must pay a minimum of $100 and pay a $200 security deposit which will be returned if possible. If alcohol is to be on the premises, proof of GLAHS as additional insured and a $400 security deposit must be provided.


Private Tours of KH and CC – when the Museum is closed, $4.00 per person with a $25 minimum for groups.  Individuals can be arranged.

Historic Walking Tours will be available on Saturdays at 3:30 pm in the summer at $10.00 each person.  Approximately 1 mile and 1.5 hours.

Private Walking Tours – $10.00 per person

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