Spitzmiller Family

Richard Spitzmiller born Feb 8, 1854  died Jan 17, 1941, married Oct 22, 1883 Barbara Regg born Dec 1, 1859  died Oct 30, 1939

Gustave Anton Spitzmiller born April 23, 1884 died Dec 19, 1972, married Aug 28, 1917 Anna Sandstrom   born July 28, 1891  died Oct 12, 1977

Barbara, Anna, Gus, Gordon, Ervin

Ervin R born 1918 died May 21, 2012 married Mary Ellen Check 1942

Michael, Stephen, Mary, Anne, Christina, Karen

Gordon Spitzmiller born 1919 died March 3, 1990 married Barbara Fisher

Barbara Jane born 1920 died Sept 26, 2000 married July 1, 1950 Richard Tazer died July 7, 1952

Gustave Eugene (Bud) born Dec 16, 1923  died Jan 22, 1981

Rose Spitzmiller  born April 12, 1887 married  twice – Nauchbauer

           Catherine (Kate) Spitzmiller  born April 12, 1887  died April 24, 1976 married Karl Schneider  born                   May 20, 1887  died April 7, 1963  no children

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