Smith Family

Preston H. Smith was born of German parents in Wisconsin and moved to Kansas and eventually to Breckenridge, Colorado in 1882, Hot Sulphur Springs in 1883, Cottonwood Pass in 1884 and to Grand Lake by 1900.  He bought lots of property in the area and developed a sawmill, lumber yard, carpentry shop and built two hotels.  He was an active member of the community until his death in 1935.


P H Smith born 1847, married Mary Adkins 1874, died 1935

Mary Ellen Adkins Smith born 1854, died 1889

Mabel born 1875, married William Jefferson Thompson, died 1941

Georgianna born 1876, died 1956

Florence born 1877, died 1933

Genevieve Smith born 1880, died 1932

Preston (twin) born 1884, died 1908

Henry (twin) born 1884, died 1918

Edward born 1886, died 1918

Mary Gertrude born 1889, died 1893


P H Smith’s 6 wives

Susan Wakeling married 1868, died 1869

Martha Stringer married 1870

Mary Ellen Adkins married 1874, died 1889

Mary Eva Quinn married 1900, died 1903

Mary Emma Judson married 1904

Mary A. Thomson married 1915


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