Kauffman Family

Kauffman Family

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A lengthy family genealogy has been donated to the museum. If you have additional information about any of the family members, please contact the Grand Lake Area Historical Society


Ezra H. Kauffman, husband and father
– Born Nov. 1, 1849, died Dec. 5, 1920

Clara Johnson Kauffman, 1st wife and mother – married Oct. 13, 1888
– Born Nov. 25, 1873

Belle Kauffman, 2nd wife and mother – married Oct. 22, 1907
– Born Oct. 3, 1878, died November 28, 1972

Mary Kauffman Dawson, daughter
– Born July 3, 1889
– Husband: Ralph Dawson

Henry Carlton (Carl) Kauffman, son
– Born July 18, 1890

Ruth Kauffman McLaren, daughter
– Born 1908
– 2nd Husband: Fred McLaren

Rosemary Kauffman Wilkin
– Born May 23, 1910, died August 26, 2005
– Husband: David Wilkin

Margaret Kauffman Stone – 1915

David Jefferson Kauffman (Ezra’s father)

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