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Grand Lake Area Historical Society operates a gift shop at the Kauffman House Museum with books, cards, and other items of historical interest.   Please stop by the Kauffman House Museum to view our entire selection.   To order any of the following items, mail a check for the amount plus $5.00 shipping and handling to:
Grand Lake Area Historical Society
PO Box 656
Grand Lake CO 80447



Saga of Spirit Lake $15.00
DVD – 27 minute history of Grand Lake with interview of Rosemary Kauffman Wilkin

Tombstone Tales $15.00
DVD – Reproduction of Labor Day Arts Council program at the Grand Lake Cemetery 2004, 2005, 2006. Characters of the past recreated telling their story.

Postcards 50 cents/ 3 for $1.00
Four photographs from the past – the house, the beach, three daughters, two daughters with dolls

Historic Walking Tour of Grand Lake $5.00
Photos and descriptions of homes and businesses along two short walking tours in Grand Lake.

The Kauffman House $2.00
A 20 page booklet with pictures giving the historical background of Grand Lake, The Kauffman House and The Grand Lake Area Historical Society.   Copyright 1997 – The Grand Lake Area Historical Society

The Legend of Grand Lake $3.00
A 20 page booklet. Reprinted by the Grand Lake Area Historical Society from a pamphlet published January 26, 1926 and first published in the Grand Lake Prospector July 29, 1882. The Original Legend of Grand Lake, written by Joseph L. Wescott, known to his friends as “Judge” and credited with being the first permanent white settler at Grand Lake, Colorado.

Grand Lake in the Olden Days $24.00
308 page paperback edition – A compilation of Grand Lake, The Pioneers and The Olden Days by Mary Lyons Cairns, Copyright 1971. A history of the Grand Lake area.

A Quick History of Grand Lake $10.00
130 page paperback edition – By Michael M. Geary. Including Rocky Mountain National Park and The Grand Lake Lodge

Survivors $5.00

Booklet reprinted from the original family history written by Marjorie W. Dickson. Part I tells the story of families who settled in Grand Lake – the Spurgeons, Mitchells, Yargers and Louisa Adams who operated the Grandview Hotel and managed the Kauffman House for a time. Part II tells the story of the Hyatts, Lows, Rosebrooks and Wagers with adventures on the Oregon Trail, Chisholm Trail and settlement in Grand County, Colorado and Utah.

Island in the Rockies $16.00
436 page paperback edition – This history of Grand County, Colorado to 1930 by Robert C. Black, III

Rocky Mountain Rustic $45.00 Hard Cover / $30.00 Soft Cover
176 page paperback edition – Historic Buildings of the Rocky Mountain National Park Area. Beautiful photos and descriptions. Lindberg, Raney and Robertson

Sailing Above the Clouds $25.00

160 page hard cover edition – By Dorothy O’Donnell O’Ryan. An early history of the Grand Lake Yacht Club

In Their Own Spirit $21.00
Five stories of Grand Lake natives.   Paperback – By Avis Gray and Ann Feucht

Wildlife and Western Heroes $60.00
255 pages, photos included – By Peter H. Hassrick with contributions by Katharine C. Ebner, a memoir by Phimister Proctor Church, and recollections by Gifford Proctor. Alexander Phimister Proctor – Sculptor

Rules for Teachers – 1872 $2.00
Single sheet

Nurse Responsibilities $2.00
Single sheet

Grand Lake School/Sleepy Hollow $5.00
Booklet and pictures of an early school in Grand Lake, Colorado

Kauffman House in Winter $10.00
Print – line drawing by Richard Leinbach

Kauffman House Note Cards $1.00 – 6 for $5.00
Cards with envelopes – line drawing of Kauffman House by Richard Leinbach

Historic Photo Notecards $2.00
Computer prints from glass negatives @1900

Historic Photo Prints $8 small 5 x7 / $12 large 8 x 10
Computer prints from glass negatives @ 1900

Denver Post Page – reproduction $24.00
Sunday morn – Sept. 8, 1929. Photos of Grand Lake

The Legend of the Utes – by Nell Pauly  $2.00
Story of the Ute Indian legend with drawings by Nell Pauly; published1972

The Day Before Yesterday – by Nell Pauly  $10
Copyright 1972  Stories and photographs of the people who lived in Grand Lake long ago.

Ghosts of the Shootin’ – by Nell Pauly  $5 Copyright 1961   Family history of Nell Donathan Young Pauly as she arrived and lived in Grand Lake.

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