Historic People in Grand Lake, Colorado

Click on the bold names below for more information and photos. These are just some of the early pioneers in the Grand Lake Area. We will be adding more people to the website as time progresses, so check back soon!

Register of Electors

Frank Adams

Cairns Family

Eslick Family

Redwood Fisher

The Harbison Family

The Harmon Family

The Holzwarth Family

Susan Johnston Family

The Kauffman Family

Louise Millinger

Isaac Alden 

Alexander Proctor

Henry and Carolyn Rhone

Henry Schnoor

P H Smith Family

Gus Spitzmiller

Joseph L. Wescott

Joseph Fleshuts

Survivors Part I


Grand Lake Women’s Club


Grand Lake Area Historical Society has reprinted this booklet from the original pamphlet “Survivors” by permission from Marjorie W. Dickson and Valerie Jean Dunn.

Part I tells the story of her mother’s family that includes the Spurgeons, Mitchells and Yargers.  These families settled in Grand Lake and Marjorie’s great-grandmother was Louisa Adams who operated the Grandview Hotel and also managed the Kauffman House for a time.

Part II tells the story of Marjorie’s father’s family that includes the Hyatts, Lows, Rosebrooks and Wagers.  This history includes a story of the family on the Oregon Trail, the Chisholm Trail cattle drives, and their eventual settling in Colorado and Grand County before moving on to Utah.

We hope you will enjoy this family history and relate it to your own family history in the settling of the American West.

Some early family information has been edited.  If you wish to research genealogy more fully, the original document may be reviewed at the museum.




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